What is Your Purpose? [soft version]

What is your current purpose and what will it be in the coming years?

Society people talk about setting goals, business models and having a purpose in life. Humans may not be the only ones who to see themselves fulfilling and satisfying a soul purpose.

If we have a purpose, then every living thing does too. Perhaps it is just as valid to say for instance, a spider has the purpose of spinning a successful trap, a durable web, or it’s supposed to be one of the creatures to eat other bugs and keep the populations in balance, Even though it would do that anyway, with or without our knowledge.

The purpose could be in using all its talents and intelligence to make one of the most beautiful examples of creativity, to show any other viewer or perceiver of realities what mystifying possibilities can lie even in seemingly insignificant lives.

A spider is only one of the millions of living miracles of God’s world.
In my view, all things in the Universe, all chemistry, physics, biology and the minds that live in them, are tethered to multi-dimensional connections, each connection having several purposes depending on the energies they bring forth and their functions.

There is a web of creativity not unlike the spider’s that binds all our thoughts and intentions to the causes and effects of energies they set in motion. All pasts and futures resonating to the harmonics that you arrange, that you sing out.

This is what is meant in Hinduism and Buddhism as karma and it is forever lingering in conscioiusness. Whether you remember them or not. You will have to forgive and undo any mistakes. Be careful of what you plan for and how you make it happen, it is delicate operation. You touch every creature great and small, every ancestor for 5000 millennia and the children of of your great-grand-children.

We must look a little closer, a little deeper than our own programmed habits. Large companies and governments would not kill so many innocent lives with chemicals, clear cutting forests for shopping mall and developments. As a species we could have a greater appreciation for the broad view of reality and become the caretakers of it.

Then again, if you are reading this piece, you are probably already called according to this intention, so I thank you for sharing in it. How can we stop the greed, the viral conduct of societies? I don’t know yet, but maybe you can share this with others to get a fresh perspective going. Get a brainstorm going.

Remember that Spirit is our true parent and all Her inhabitants are equally loved. All of them.


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