Listen to Healing Meditations

I have recorded mp3 files for anyone who wants to listen and relax just by using their phone or pc, anywhere anytime.

Click  to hear the files.

Here are the Titles so far.

Ref. #3  Grounding and Centering to calm the mind down and remain in the present moment.

Ref. #4 Light Meditation 2 to build the energy body around your self and protect it.

Ref. #5 Healing Tree  to heal physical, emotional or psychological injuries.

Ref. #6 Pyramid of Protection to create a safe space for your mind and body.

Ref. #7 Prosperity Consciousness to open the connection between you and Universal abundance.

Ref. #8 Elevate Your Mind  to receive insight for a problem from a higher perspective.

Ref. #9 Vortex of Energy to balance the polarities of ionic particles around you, redirecting them for transformation.

Ref. 10# Sphinx Wisdom to receive insight of ancient knowledge.

Hope you enjoy them and feel free to share with others. If you are receiving benefits from the practice, please consider making a free will donation. Thank you. ~ Su Maya

(c) 2016 all rights reserved



One thought on “Listen to Healing Meditations

  1. Dear Su,
    I heard you speak last night on Ella Free’s TI Conference Call. I’ve really been struggling on my own for a few years now, and that was the first conference call I’ve attended on that subject – what a gift that you were the one being interviewed. I’ve been at times quite desperate to get help on a psycho/spiritual level –

    Sorry to leave such a long note. I actually started it with the intention of thanking you for the many guided healing meditations. I did two of them today, and it actually felt really good (the vortex of energy first, then the Light meditation.) If I weren’t so strapped for cash I would love to do a coaching session with you one day. In the meantime though, I am so very grateful to have learned about you, and I will continue exploring with the meditations you so kindly offer.

    Warm regards to you,
    Katja Juscha Grunther

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