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Watch this moving video about prayer and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

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Making the Season Personal

This is the time of year that can be most amazing and fun, or difficult for individuals with a history of sad memories. Personally, I have had several tragedies hit right at or around the Holiday season.

When I was in my 20’s, the house in which I resided burned down, due to Christmas lights in the attic. I was at a party that night and almost lost my dog, Salty, but luckily a kind neighbor let him out while the firetrucks were spraying water on the fires. However, the following year Salty died of cancer, just after New Year’s Day.

Many winters passed with ups and downs until I found my life in danger by a crazy stalker. He was breaking into my house, and threatening my neighborhood. I had to contact law enforcement and the FBI, dealing with a whole new world of intrigue and espionage.

The next great tragedy was when my Mother transitioned, in Dec. 2010. My brother, sister and I spent that month grieving and sorting out her belongings.

The year after was hard as well, as I was nursing another beloved pet dog, Shevah, during an illness of seizures until I finally let her go back to Heaven.

Now with all the hurtful times, I still make holiday seasons personally spiritual by remembering to create precious moments. There were lots of potluck parties, genuinely good people and laughter. Lighting candles, sending prayers up to anyone that needs it, and appreciating the gifts that are all around us, created by God.

Making your holiday season work can be a creative process. If you release expectations of how Christmas should look, or how Hanukah is not celebrated enough, or how you are separated by distance from family and friends, or how you may be experiencing pain, you can open up a space in your heart and mind to receive a new way to be.

Stay open to small miracles, to messages that may come along, to making a new friend just when you least expect it. Pain can be transformed into an opportunity for learning about healing and patience. Loneliness can be transformed into a calling to be closer to your Angels, Guides and further Spiritual Awakening.

Gifts we might enjoy all year long, and all our lives can arrive at this time. Many blessings to you and your loved ones during this time. Let it shine.

Holiday 2010


Photo by Su Maya

 Stained glass window in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Taos, NM

Greetings Friends,
Hope you are doing well and enjoying good health.

I am on the road again, visiting more towns, watching landscapes, sampling the cultures of the various regions of our country. Been practicing my guitar and even playing with a few people around.

After spending more than a year in New Mexico, doing an artist’s residency, and showing in a gallery, I have decided to get back to the simple life. It’s about being in the moment. I could not ignore the presence of weather that told me it was time to go south for the winter. So my little inter-species family packed up and moved on.

I have met so many really good people along the way and if I do not get to communicate this individually, please forgive me. You have made my life richer and kept my head up when times were tough. Thank You.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Many Blessings, Su


Beyond Good and Evil, an audio message

A message came to me as an answer to prayers about bad people who inflict  destruction and pain on others. I was told/shown:
‘evil will turn in on itself”    
or evil will spin into itself if it has no one to respond to it.
Eventually, all beings will have to reckon with the light or darkness they bring back to the Afterlife.

We have only to remain loyal to God.
Hope this is some comfort. -Su  

Listen to a podcast discussion I had with Bill Grady: 

TV/Radio and Media

TV/Radio and Print Media
Su Maya appears on TV, Radio and in print with the purpose of shifting consciousness to a new realm.Often these interviews are educational, sharing teachings from the Ascended Masters, like Christ and Buddha, or about the evolution of souls. There are more reasons to ask about prophecies of global change, the effects of weather, human suffering and of sentient beings on the path to enlightenment.Intuitive and astrology readings can be given to audience members about relationships, careers, health, pets etc.

Once she is on-air, these are popular and many folks will call in. So if you are a Producer or a Host looking for a creative and inspirational show, consider adding this guest to your list.

Su is not like other psychics, because of the depth of her insight and integrity. Parallels are drawn between art, science and nature in understanding the movements of the cosmos.

To get an idea, do a google search on her name to find various articles published on the web, including Omplace, Eastern Spirit, Metamorphosis, Earthclinic,  and Energygrid magazines. New pieces are being written and if you are the Editor of a magazine you can ask for them. Some samples are linked below.

 Or listen a podcast at   in 2006, #33.

Su was the Host of “Heart & Soul” a weekly talk show on WSHA in Raleigh, NC for 3 years, where she interviewed many internationally acclaimed spiritual leaders, such as: Sufi Master Sherif Baba; Lynn Andrews, author of the “Medicine Woman” series, “Star Woman” “Windhorse Woman””Love and Power” and others; Chris Griscom, author of “Ecstasy is a New Frequency” and others; Jack Graf, Minister of the Unity Church of Raleigh, NC; Susan Loughan, author of the “The Healing Runes”; Andrew Harvey, author of “Son of Man” “Journey to Ladakh” “The Return of the Mother” and more; Benjamin Creme, author of “Maitreya’s Mission”; and Buddy Piper, creator of the TV game show CONCENTRATION, who is now a modern Miracles reporter.

Prior media appearances on: Group W Productions, Clear Channel WRSN, Woodstock Cable Television, WDRC, WWAV, WEEB, WCRY, WCOM and other stations.

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