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Watch this moving video about prayer and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

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Daily Word Affirmations

Here is a good place to get inspiration from Unity Church. It's got affirmations and books to see.  


For instance:

“Wholeness is my Divine birthright.”

“God is my ever-present source of hope.”

“I remember what is true, good, and holy.”



I, my real nature, is apart from that.

Never forget it. Remind yourself every day. Say, “In Reality, that’s not me at all.”  You are not a single one of your doubts and your struggles. Who you really are is something else. You don’t know that yet.

– Vernon  Howard, New Life Foundation

I am apart from all that.

Inherent Value of Your True Self

Inherent Value by Su Maya

The other day I was asking a friend if they knew how truly valuable they were. They said , “No, not really.” I mean if you knew how great your true self was you would really cherish it. It is worth more than millions of dollars.

What is the true self, and where do you find it?

The true self is deep inside of you. It is the stuff the mystic masters talked about in their dissertations to followers. It is hard to measure by worldly standards. You cannot place a yard stick against it and see how long it is, because it extends into Infinity.

You cannot put it in a container like a jug made of clay, or a barrel, or a lake. Your real self is not containable. Only while you reside in a physical body do you say, “This is me, I am here.” It is only attached to matter, not really controlled by it. When your body dies, your real self can expand again. This goes for humans as well as animals.

Likewise, if you place value on the things you have collected, the money in the bank, the cars, trucks, property and houses that hold them, you might miss the point. These items do have value, but when you leave this body, you will leave it all behind. The next generation will use them, or they will end up in a thrift store, but they will not be viewed the way you see them.

In some sense, it is a matter of perspective. For instance, an antique passed down from your Grandmother may have sentimental value, plus it may have collectible or auction value which fluxuate with the market. It will not be seen the same way as each observer will take in what they will through their filters of experience. One person will pass it by thinking “oh, another dusty set of table and chairs”. Another will bid for it beyond market value because it matches the decor in their dining room. No two people will see it the same.

Our filters are a blueprint of our values. As we were growing up, experiences were imprinted on the psyche and we developed a blueprint for life. It is very hard to change these, except by conscious application of new ideas and practice. It is much easier to modify them by small increments, adding or subtracting bits and pieces.

Sometimes more powerful events shape our lives and therefore the values we hold dear, like when a tornado or flood destroys homes and businesses. In the aftermath you hear survivors saying “At least we still have each other.”

This brings me to the next level, which relates to religious or spiritual values. If you were brought up with a backround that stresses the good in an ethical life, and the rewards in the afterlife, you may have a multi-dimensional viewpoint. It would guide you to avoid temptations that would cut your intrinsic value, for example, mercenary killing, cheating or stealing for money, drugs, arms or slave trades. These lines of business would cause you to have deep emotional and psychological conflicts, sensing that you were in deed selling your soul.

You are more valuable than that. Your true self is greater than can be measured. No job in this world is worth giving that up. A poor person may be more valuable because they forfieted some terrible compromise. Someone who has a lot of guilt or shame over past actions can redeem themselves and make amends. They may take on a burden uncharacteristic to their previous lifestyle. It may not be visible now; not to your employer, not to your family, or anyone who resists the choice to stay loyal to God and His decrees.

Keep the faith, and remember these choices are only temporary. If you get confused by eloquent arguments, go back and read the 10 Commandments, the simplest outline for doing what is right.

What will last forever is your Soul, your inheritance and connection to the Almighty who knows all, inside and out.

What’s Up with 2012?

 So it’s the famed and controversial year 2012.  Are you afraid the world will come to an end? Or are you ignoring the whole thing?

I spent the evening quietly watching movies, listening to music and writing letters to friends. Mostly I am in a wait and see mode.

As an astrologer, you would think I would be all over the doomsday prophecies , or refuting various opinions about what the Mayans meant in their cryptic calendars.  Maybe it’s just the opposite, seeing it only as a another tick on the clocks and calendars of time. 

Time is relative anyway, depending on where you stand on the planet. Traveling will do that to you. It was midnight several hours earlier over there, several hours later over there…. and so on. We have created clocks that measure the pace at which we live, based on the rotation of one planet Earth. And remember Earth is just a small blue-green marble in a huge galaxy among billions of galaxies in the Universe. We have our subjective existence to consider.

Time is an agreement we make so that people show up for meetings or get work done. Animals, fish and birds don’t wear watches or carry cell phones to order their lives and yet after millions of years they still get through natural phases and seasons.

Studying the charts of Western Astrology, I notice a few important aspects for the early part of this year. Jupiter opposes Saturn which is a struggle for control over expansion, but Jupiter also trines Pluto. In an effort to gain power in the corporate sectors, big business and politics will likely see major improvements but not without  making long cases for their sides. Uranus begins its 7 year journey through Aries, a sign of new beginnings. There will be headstrong and spontaneous bursts of energy for new projects, but take care now that one doesn’t blow a fuse.  Fire prone areas in drought conditions will  probably be a concern again.  In places where water and gas leaks are a problem, the trine between Saturn and Neptune will assist in repairs. This aspect is also good for bringing  dreams into reality.  

According to Chinese Astrology, 12 animals rule the cycles of time.  This will be the year of the Dragon again. In simple terms, the dragon signifies transformation and change of luck, because it a mythic being of power. That would be nice for the many who are suffering at this time.

It is also a year of Solar Maximum, in its 11 year cycle of activity, which can affect the planets around it. We have been hit with some strong Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and faced their effects in the recent months.
They influence satellites, radio transmissions, the bio-magnetic resonance of the mind, emotions, health, decision-making, and therefore stock markets and economies. There are theories about elevated levels of electromagnetism in our environment and potential results, but I will save that for another day.

Most likely this year it will  be a continuation of  goals to accomplish and lessons we  have to fulfill. As the solar system turns again, we will look back at our celebrations and expectations as part of the great matrix of energies that took us through the experience of Life.  Ω

Animal Rescue Assistance

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, alot is being done to save people, but not much is being said on the news about all the cats, dogs, horses and other domestic animals who are suffering too.

Don’t forget to help with pets who were left behind by the hundreds of thousands. Many of them drowned in the flood waters, many will be dead from poisoned food and debris. Many are still waiting on top of rooftops and inside abandoned homes to be rescued and will be there a very long time.

Currently, United Animal Nations is getting volunteers together to help. Their site is at:

For Katrina :

EARS is a great organization that will go out in boats with trained volunteers to pick up and shelter the lost strays.

And the Humane Society, who is also helping mobilized rescue teams.

Pass it on. Adopt whenever you can or foster care those who are have special needs.

Please help by donating to their organizations. Even better, enter a volunteer training program. My heart goes out to you. Thank You!