“So will I, 100 billion x”



Prosperity Consciousness

Meditate on this,

Jupiter is in exact trine with Pluto

in Earth signs.

May you be blessed,

with everything you deserve

in this world.

The Light of God surrounds me

The Love of God enfolds me,

The Power of God protects me,

The Presence of God watches over me,

and wherever I Am, God Is.

Unity Prayer for Protection

Sioux Prayer

O our Father the Sky,
hear us and make us bold.

O our Mother the Earth,
hear us and give us support.

O Spirit of the East,
send us your wisdom.

O Spirit of the South,
may we walk your path of life.

O Spirit of the West,
may we always be ready for the long journey.

O Spirit of the North,
purify us with your cleansing winds.

-Sioux Prayer

Multi-Level Realities

by Su Maya

by Su Maya

I found this shot inside an old Trading Post in AZ. It reminds me that we exist in a multi-dimensional state, but only focus on a few levels at a time.

Watch your step, and be aware that we impact many levels at once. You may be surprised, when your sensitivities increase, at how far and wide your being extends in existence.