Her Song was Love: in Memory of Shevah

Shevah in the Santa Fe National Forest - photo by su

 Shevah was a great companion, by my side for 6+ years. A Border Collie mix with true wit and intelligence. Her name means 7 in Hebrew, a number of spirituality and ascension. 

As a dog she was totally loyal and sensitive, and we were so in tune psychically that many times I did not even have to say what we were doing. She just knew. I was blessed by her loving kindness in more ways than I can explain in words. She loved other animals and made friends everywhere we went. It was her complete and unfettered connection to the Divine.  

Recently she began having seizures and I tried keeping her healthy with medicine andd special nutrition as long as she wanted to live. She fought hard to stay even though they got more frequent and painful, but was laid to rest on March 5 under a shady tree in AZ. 

Please remember her in your prayers as she travels between dimensions.