4th and 5th Dimensional Healing

Here is a recently edited version of a healing talk that will address energy attachments and thought forms in your auric field….





Listen to Healing Meditations

I have recorded mp3 files for anyone who wants to listen and relax just by using their phone or pc, anywhere anytime.

Click  to hear the files.

Here are the Titles so far.

Ref. #3  Grounding and Centering to calm the mind down and remain in the present moment.  https://fccdl.in/0uFnZGgU8

Ref. #4 Light Meditation 2 to build the energy body around your self and protect it.  https://fccdl.in/bGO3tUC4M

Ref. #5 Healing Tree  to heal physical, emotional or psychological injuries.  https://fccdl.in/FYusDiaL3

Ref. #6 Pyramid of Protection to create a safe space for your mind and body.  https://fccdl.in/no7HUwGpP

Ref. #7 Prosperity Consciousness to open the connection between you and Universal abundance.  https://fccdl.in/2smZhf4zO

Ref. #8 Elevate Your Mind  to receive insight for a problem from a higher perspective.  https://fccdl.in/nFok4MKle

Ref. #9 Vortex of Energy to balance the polarities of ionic particles around you, redirecting them for transformation.  https://fccdl.in/P9GAtDh3c

Ref. 10# Sphinx Wisdom to receive insight of ancient knowledge.  https://fccdl.in/2G3uywMlp

Hope you enjoy them and feel free to share with others. If you are receiving benefits from the practice, please consider making a free will donation. Thank you. ~ Su Maya

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Natural Remedies to Handle Stress

Natural Health Remedies to Cope with Stress

During the holiday season many people will feel their stress building and  find little time to relax. In order to deal effectively with oncoming pressures, emotional, social and family engagements, I have listed some things you can try on your down time.

Supplements and Exercises:

*Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins D and B12 to calm the nerves and muscles.

*Potassium, Chromium and Ginseng to keep the energy up.

*Eat fruits and drink plenty of fluids to keep the energy flowing.

*More protein helps to restore tissues.

*Valerian, Chamomile and Kava herbs to help with relaxation.

*Melatonin is a stronger supplement to add naturally for sleep.

*Soak in a sea salt bath, or other relaxing bath water. Let the water absorb the extra energy from your cells.

*Lather on the lotion, skin and hair will get dry. Oils made from almonds, grapeseed, coconut and safflower last longer than commercial products.

*Deep breathing during anxiety attacks and depression helps to oxygenate the body.

*Meditate often to remember, THIS IS NOT ALL THAT YOU ARE. You are a Spiritual Being having a material experience.

*Get together with other people, stay in contact with friends, have fun when you can to keep your personality healthy. During the holidays, isolation can really get you down.

*Find ways to appreciate the life you have, watch sunsets and take time to do the things you love.  -Su

The Little Book of Travel

The Little Book of Travel
Available for sale in its full length version at:  http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-little-book-of-travel/8435828
An Introduction to Freedom

This is a guide for anyone having a need to go away from their current situation to another. Your reasons for moving across land, sky and water may be different than mine, but the journey is just as important.
In 2008 I sold and gave away almost everything I had collected over the years to buy back my Freedom. 
Chapter 1:  Who – You are is much Bigger, and much Smaller than That.
Who you become will not be as dependent on what you did for a living, any roles you played in other peoples lives, where you grew up or got a degree.  You are also much smaller than everything else in the Universe.
Chapter 2:  What – Keep it Light & Simple
Travelers can be on a bicycle with a knapsack, or living in a luxury motor home worth a half a million dollars. Most of us fit in somewhere in between.  
 Travelers fit into a few groups. Most of them are very helpful.
Chapter 3: Where – There are Soft Places and  Hard Places. 
Stand anywhere and look around, at the expansive skies above, to the rocks on the ground beneath your feet.  There are literally thousands of places to visit. Landscapes, seascapes, lakes, forests, deserts, hills and canyons.  But you can’t see everything.
Chapter 4:  When –  Go North in the Summer, South in the Winter. 
 I listen to the environment. Temperatures and humidity can shift overnight. 
Sometimes it is the culture that holds an interest, or sends me away.  The deeper aspects of intuition tell me when to go.  Trust your instincts about danger.

Chapter 5:  Why – The Elements of Life.   
Get to know what makes up the World. Your senses will open up if you feel them. They can receive more knowledge than you think. 
A Blessing:
May the roads you drive on be smooth.
May you find whatever you need.
May you see beauty everywhere.
May you always know where to go, and when… 
-Su Maya 2010
Originally sketched out in the Apache National Forest.