Wind & Waves: Shaping the World for our Future

Geophysical and astrological insights by Su Maya

Several times in Earth’s history, over millions of years, there have been changes in the shapes and movements of the oceans. Evidence shows where the coastlines used to be, where sea plants and marine life left their skeletons. The Grand Canyon and a large part of the southwestern United States are strong examples of places that held oceanic life and is desert now with a river running through it. When you walk on the desert floor, you can still find fossils and shells. More of Africa was once covered with lush tropical forest and many more animals. It is still possible for large bodies of water to change shape around our land masses.

Naturally, we are moved by much larger forces in our Solar System because as the energy shifts it effects global environments. We are influenced by energies as part of this intricate design. It begins with the relationship between the elements at the atomic and cellular levels, then works its way out into perceivable realities. The elements have always been in motion so it is really nothing new in the grand scheme of the Universe.

This is not a prediction of a sudden collapse of the world, just about weather’s movement on our local plane of existence. Even with all the high tech devices that are available to us, it’s not possible to predict all the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or weather patterns, especially if the patterns we have gotten used to shift over time. It will most likely be a gradual carving and sculpting of our current perimeters and lifestyles. There are a ways to evolve with the climate, so I am including suggestions to guide us through possible shifts in the coming years.

Space Weather

A great source of electro-magnetic energy is the Sun, which is reaching its 11 year solar maximum. The last one was around 2001. During excited periods, powerful waves of energy called Solar Winds, can disrupt mass communications and shift mind/ body connections with startling effects. It’s heat can increase pressure on already desperate landscapes. As it burns off moisture, it is also burning off protective layers in our atmosphere exposing everyone to higher levels of radiation. If you have ever lived in southern Arizona, Africa or the Middle East in the summer you would have a sense of this burning environment.

There is geological evidence of major polar shifts around the planet. That means North and South poles can reverse. It is still not known how this happens or what it takes on the surface to adjust. One theory is that strong magnetic forces from the Sun could realign our magnetic fields down to the iron core. It is not expected to happen soon though.

Astrology and Climate Change

Wind driven hurricanes and tornadoes can develop within forecast models, or totally break them. This year the tornadoes started early, hurricanes too, and the windy season is still ongoing.This spring and summer there will be several planets in air signs. At the time of the full moon on June 4, the Sun will conjunct Venus and later on Mercury in Gemini. Saturn continues in its trek through Libra, and Jupiter will enter Gemini, speeding up thought, air travel, and wireless communications. An opportunity for wind generators of power and other related projects could arise.

With the flowing planet Neptune continuing to transit the watery sign of Pisces for the next 10 or more years, we will see more changes related to water. We have already seen this during the last 2 years.

Water, which takes many forms, including rain, rivers, lakes, groundwater, ocean currents, clouds, snow, glaciers, ice caps, and every combination will be changing in quality and form. Strong earthquakes can trigger tsunamis. Strong hurricanes can flood inland empires destroying miles of farming, livestock, towns and businesses in a matter of days. These scars take many generations to rebuild and the coastlines are revised.

We are so dependent on water for life, but we usually forget how easy it has become to turn on a faucet to get everything done. Good sources of drinking water may suddenly become toxic and threaten lives in or near it. New pipelines and purification treatments may be necessary, at least until the reservoirs can clear up over time. If there are conflicts between municipal supplies, try to look for ways to shore up resources peacefully, or move to a safer location.

Oceans are too powerful to stop, too slow to recover making some historical communities uninhabitable, especially if the ecosystem is damaged, poisoning the fish and their food sources. Examples of these kind of changes can be seen in Japan, New Orleans, and several fragile islands worldwide.

In contrast, we are also seeing more fires, more intense heat waves, more heat related illnesses. This week New Mexico is having one of its worst wildfires ever. Drought stricken areas like countries across Africa are especially vulnerable this summer.

Uranus the planet of discovery is in Aries, a fire sign that rules the head. This combination can bring surprising turns in the wind patterns and spark drying plains with lightening and other electricial fires. Old growth forests which have enjoyed many years of rain, can fuel extremely dangerous fires.

On the lighter side, Uranus in Aries will also inspire new ways to deal with these problems. Early warning systems have been put in place and weather radios are being distributed more freely than before. This transit is just in its early stages and will last several more years, so we will have time to brainstorm more ideas.

Pluto in Capricorn will also influence the tides of change. Pluto is the great destroyer and rebuilder of conscious realites. Since it is plowing through the earth sign of Capricorn, there have been more transformations related to values, commodities and finances. We have already seen real estate markets, corporations and banks go under, and beg for government funds. This is another slow transit lasting more than 10 years, and there will be more trials.

It may move the soil by means of giant companies with earth-moving equiipment through mining operations and drilling for oil. It may also trigger more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions like we are seeing in Italy, which at this writing has had its third major quake and 800 aftershocks.

Some groups of people who have chased glitz and glamour may face unusual reversals of fortune. Paradoxically, some who have lived a modest life will find unexpected grace that didn’t exist before. This can happen for individuals when the outer planets make strongly aspecting transits in their charts, especially during oppositions and squares. You may already be thinking of a few examples of such people from the public sectors. New heroes and villains can emerge, with ironic turns of events.

Values deemed important in ancient times will rise up from the ashes like a phoenix, based on the philosophies and ways of the Native tribes and indigenous peoples. Their legends and prophecies can be seen as guidelines for sustainable living.


It may seem out of context to read these things while you are in your current routines, but what if you are not prepared? Here are a few other suggestions for adapting for survival, if it becomes necessary.

First, find ways to filter your air and water, to supply heat in winter, and shade in summer, in case the electric grid goes down for long periods of time. Roads can be blocked that will prevent oil, gas and most other supplies from being transported, so have a stock of food for your family and animals that does not require cold storage or cooking. Make sure your First Aid kit is fresh. Keep a bit of cash on hand so you are not dependent on the web, or banks for assets.

Along the way you may search for help from government, insurance companies or other authorities and although you may find some information you may be disappointed, misled or delayed. It’s better for you to sharpen on your instincts and trade skills with those you trust locally, in case of emergency. Some of the best stories of brotherhood and heroism come out of neighbors helping one another.

It is a good idea to watch your animals and native wildlife for signs of changes in their behavior. Their senses are much sharper than humans and will alert us if we are listening. Just like a cat who hides from noises, birds who collectively silence themselves before a storm, or elephants who feel earthquakes miles away.

If people are caught unaware, there can be severe hardship, but more relief to follow as it does with every cycle. However, the simpler your lifestyle, the more your senses can be open to knowing what to do and acting on time. You are free to move on when you have fewer burdens to deal with.

Now is a good time to sort out what is really important. Don’t take life for granted. Make peace with your loved ones, and give away what you don’t need. Life in its purest sense is all we really have anyway.

Remember the tranquility of being grounded and unified with Nature? She will speak to you if you are able to hear Her Voice. You may have to carve away many of the peripheral activities of society in order to be free enough, clear enough to intuit the inner truths. Meditation and simplicity are key here.

In the end, where ever you are in consciousness is where you continue. This may involve a whole new life or a fresh point of view in which to continue the Journey.

(C) May 2012, Su Maya

Her Song was Love: in Memory of Shevah

Shevah in the Santa Fe National Forest - photo by su

 Shevah was a great companion, by my side for 6+ years. A Border Collie mix with true wit and intelligence. Her name means 7 in Hebrew, a number of spirituality and ascension. 

As a dog she was totally loyal and sensitive, and we were so in tune psychically that many times I did not even have to say what we were doing. She just knew. I was blessed by her loving kindness in more ways than I can explain in words. She loved other animals and made friends everywhere we went. It was her complete and unfettered connection to the Divine.  

Recently she began having seizures and I tried keeping her healthy with medicine andd special nutrition as long as she wanted to live. She fought hard to stay even though they got more frequent and painful, but was laid to rest on March 5 under a shady tree in AZ. 

Please remember her in your prayers as she travels between dimensions.

the Spirit of Life after Death

Photo by Su Maya
The Mother holds her dying Son, at the Shrine of St. Joseph and Way of the Cross, an open air Church, in Yarnell, AZ

Photo by Su Maya

If you have ever lost someone close, you know how painful the experience is and how long it takes to resolve the feelings of loss. 

Our family losses are the hardest, especially around the holidays. Last year our Mother passed away 3 days before Christmas.

 As the months creeped by I have come to accept her loving presence as One with the Great Ones beyond our present comprehension. 

She holds us the same way now, as They do, when we are sick, or in danger, or need reassurance that there truly is Life beyond death.

Sometimes it’s hard to sense because their touches are so much softer than before,  against the din of traffic, shops, technology and all the distractions of daily life. 

So I want to share in my holiday message this year, that I have come to understand even more than before, that their lives, in the non-physical, are  


One day we will all be together in the Ocean of Light that is waiting for us on the  other side.

May you take comfort and trust that it will be.

Happy Holiday however you choose to worship.  


The Nature of the Soul

The Nature of the Soul

By Su Maya
Inter-Faith Minister And Spiritual Counselor

Over the years, we have come to understand the nature of the Soul as a grouping of collective memories and experiences that are in the unconscious. All our many lives on Earth in the process of soul evolution, bring higher and higher levels of refinement to our form and function, to the choices we make and our depth of compassion. We can visualize this as a linear progression on a horizontal plane.The individual person is also said to be existing on many levels of awareness at once, while only being active on a specific focus of attention, usually the body and its needs. That is the reason for learning meditative techniques which allow the inidividual to explore and hold their attention on higher levels, which expands the consciousness. This can be visualized as a vertical axis of progression.

On these other levels, such as in hypnotic states, one can reach deeper memories, gain insights and creativity, contact ancestors, angels and the Ascended Masters. Many of the writings that have come to us throughout the ages are reports from such encounters and direct knowledge. There are also manuscripts that label these, similar to the archetypes that were described by Carl Jung in his treatises on the collective unconscious.

The Native American Indians and other tribal cultures have said that the animal spirit of the Bear family or Crow, for example, in which all crows know one another, are part of the same soul family and bring the spirit of their lives back to the land of origin. Perhaps it is easier to picture that each species has its own parent soul which encodes each generation of births and rebirths with much of the same instinctual behaviors, based on prior knowledge and that there are inter-species experiences that get relayed back and forth to share.

Individual tribes have aligned their journeys here with clans of animal spirits and continue the tradition to this day. Even contemporary people are said to resemble or relate to a particular animal. This is most likely a true soul connection, to an inner memory, to other lives and travels.

Now, let us view the soul within an even greater context called the Oversoul. The term oversoul was first introduced to me in the ’70s by the late writer Jane Roberts through her series of Seth books and spiritual fiction, in which a soul can manifest itself into many forms and points of awareness. So soul mates, soul families, and soul groups are related, even though they may appear in physical reality as varying cultures, species or eras in time. Past, present and future lives co-existing all at once, higher selves and lower selves conversing.

It is possible to see a soul as an ocean, far greater than an individual can perceive of itself. In that ocean, a point of conciousness can be aware of itself, its needs and hungers, its belongings etc., like a fish, a crab or a crop of seaweed. Each point of awareness is limited to its own view and sensations in the very moment that it is alive. Unless given the larger perspective, it is not aware that it is the ocean which is its soul, its Self. In addition, one body is not able to receive, process and sort all of the information that is possible through the myraid other points of reference which its soul created within the paradigm of Ocean.

In another shift of paradigm, it is possible to see that the billions of people on the planet, are just part of one Oversoul of Human Being. The focal point of one individual may be considered a cell of a much greater whole being. All your feelings add to the whole being, including the ones that you like or dislike, the ones you don’t know, the ones you watch on TV, whether you perceive them as causing pain, injustice or good deeds, all lives bring this information home again.

This is what is called Adam Kadmon in the Qabalah, meaning the “first being”. While there are references in the book of Genesis, Adam Kadmon is not exactly the Adam in the Bible story. It is more like the prototype of the oversoul of humanity in its perfected state, with all the possibilities and potentialities inherent in God’s vision for the total accumulation of men’s lives. In their ascended domain, the Masters such as Christ or Buddha, are good examples for us. Their energy is not limited to a body and can touch many lives at once.

Therefore, every cell and every local point of awareness is part of the entire evolution of an Oversoul. Even the spaces between are full of energetic connections and emanations.

Keeping this in mind, it is easier to see why people do some of the things they do, even if we do not agree with them. It does not really give permission to be harmful or decadent with your life, but it is easier to forgive yourself for the mistakes and corrections, for the suffering and healing you have tried to do for the sake of a higher cause.

Life is a gift that should be cherished, and used to evolve the whole of God’s Universe. Use your life to fulfill the purpose your Soul has given you in the larger scheme of things.

I hope this brings some light and understanding to the long journey Home. Peace be unto you and every innocent one.

~ ~ ~ Su Maya is an inter-faith minister and spiritual counselor. For 22 years she has been receiving and sharing direct knowledge through various media, including fines arts, intuitive writings and radio transmissions. Living as a traveling monk now, she provides private sessions by phone only.

This article is one chapter of a book in progess…

Holiday 2010


Photo by Su Maya

 Stained glass window in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Taos, NM

Greetings Friends,
Hope you are doing well and enjoying good health.

I am on the road again, visiting more towns, watching landscapes, sampling the cultures of the various regions of our country. Been practicing my guitar and even playing with a few people around.

After spending more than a year in New Mexico, doing an artist’s residency, and showing in a gallery, I have decided to get back to the simple life. It’s about being in the moment. I could not ignore the presence of weather that told me it was time to go south for the winter. So my little inter-species family packed up and moved on.

I have met so many really good people along the way and if I do not get to communicate this individually, please forgive me. You have made my life richer and kept my head up when times were tough. Thank You.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Many Blessings, Su


A Cherokee Legend



Do you know the legend of the Cherokee Indian youth’s rite of Passage?

His father takes him into the forest, blindfolds him and leaves him alone.

He is required to sit on a stump the whole night and not
remove the blindfold until the rays of the morning sun shine through it.

He cannot cry out for help to anyone.

Once he survives the night, he is a MAN.

He cannot tell the other boys of this experience, because
each lad must come into manhood on his own.

The boy is naturally terrified.
He can hear all kinds of noises.
Wild beasts must surely be all around him .
Maybe even some human might do him harm.
The wind blew the grass and earth, and shook his stump, but
he sat stoically, never removing the blindfold. It would be the only
way he could become a man!

Finally, after a horrific night the sun appeared and he removed his

It was then that he discovered his father sitting on the stump next to him.

He had been at watch the entire night, protecting his son from harm.

We, too, are never alone.
Even when we don’t know it,
God is watching over us,
sitting on the stump beside us.
When trouble comes,
all we have to do is reach out to Him.

If you liked this story, pass it on.
If not, you took off your blindfold before dawn.

Moral of the story:
Just because you can’t see God,
doesn’t mean He is not there.
‘For we walk by faith, not by sight.’

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass …
it’s about learning to appreciate the Power, and the gift of Rain.

 – Author unknown….thanks to my Father who sent this to me.



Mother Father Spirit,
I ask that I be cleared and cleansed
within the white Christ light,
the green healing light,
and the purple transmuting flame.

Within God’s will and for my highest good,
I ask that any and all negativity be completely removed from me,
encapsulated within the purple flame of
St. Germaine,
and cut off from me.

Impersonally, with neither love nor hate,
I return all negativity to
its source of emanation,
decreeing that it never again
be allowed to re-establish
itself within me, or, anyone else,
in any form.

And now, I ask that I be placed within
the White Christ Light of Protection,
And for this blessing,
I give thanks.

So be it.   

Author Unknown