Holiday 2010


Photo by Su Maya

 Stained glass window in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Taos, NM

Greetings Friends,
Hope you are doing well and enjoying good health.

I am on the road again, visiting more towns, watching landscapes, sampling the cultures of the various regions of our country. Been practicing my guitar and even playing with a few people around.

After spending more than a year in New Mexico, doing an artist’s residency, and showing in a gallery, I have decided to get back to the simple life. It’s about being in the moment. I could not ignore the presence of weather that told me it was time to go south for the winter. So my little inter-species family packed up and moved on.

I have met so many really good people along the way and if I do not get to communicate this individually, please forgive me. You have made my life richer and kept my head up when times were tough. Thank You.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Many Blessings, Su