Making the Season Personal

This is the time of year that can be most amazing and fun, or difficult for individuals with a history of sad memories. Personally, I have had several tragedies hit right at or around the Holiday season.

When I was in my 20’s, the house in which I resided burned down, due to Christmas lights in the attic. I was at a party that night and almost lost my dog, Salty, but luckily a kind neighbor let him out while the firetrucks were spraying water on the fires. However, the following year Salty died of cancer, just after New Year’s Day.

Many winters passed with ups and downs until I found my life in danger by a crazy stalker. He was breaking into my house, and threatening my neighborhood. I had to contact law enforcement and the FBI, dealing with a whole new world of intrigue and espionage.

The next great tragedy was when my Mother transitioned, in Dec. 2010. My brother, sister and I spent that month grieving and sorting out her belongings.

The year after was hard as well, as I was nursing another beloved pet dog, Shevah, during an illness of seizures until I finally let her go back to Heaven.

Now with all the hurtful times, I still make holiday seasons personally spiritual by remembering to create precious moments. There were lots of potluck parties, genuinely good people and laughter. Lighting candles, sending prayers up to anyone that needs it, and appreciating the gifts that are all around us, created by God.

Making your holiday season work can be a creative process. If you release expectations of how Christmas should look, or how Hanukah is not celebrated enough, or how you are separated by distance from family and friends, or how you may be experiencing pain, you can open up a space in your heart and mind to receive a new way to be.

Stay open to small miracles, to messages that may come along, to making a new friend just when you least expect it. Pain can be transformed into an opportunity for learning about healing and patience. Loneliness can be transformed into a calling to be closer to your Angels, Guides and further Spiritual Awakening.

Gifts we might enjoy all year long, and all our lives can arrive at this time. Many blessings to you and your loved ones during this time. Let it shine.

Is Karma real?

In our day, there is a distinct lack of concern for future repercussions. I imagine a lot of people do not really believe in Karma, or more simply, a reason to do the right thing. They cannot see what is around the corner nor what will come to their Souls when this life ends.

If you are one of those who doubts that Karma is real, ask yourself these questions as well:

Is the World still flat? Until explorers sailed around the Earth, it was believed for thousands of years that the World was flat. Now that so many have travelled around the globe, there is no doubt, the Earth is definitely round.

Is Gravity real? Drop your coffee on the floor and you will see, gravity is definitely real. You cannot see it with your eyes, but its force is measureable on every planet.

Is Electromagnetism real? Only about 150 years ago there was speculation as to whether electricity was a natural force that can be harnessed and used. Now we have no place to go where electromagnetic power is absent. Almost everyone has a gadget.

Karma is a natural force that works like Quantum Physics. You do not have to own and operate a spectrum analyzer to experience its effects. When you have built up enough of a certain kind of potential energy by your actions, you will automatically leave an Energetic imprint on the Universe.

When your life is over, you will see and feel this as more real than you can imagine right now. Try to do the right thing, moment by moment, in every situation, just in case.

Divine Order

A friend was expressing to me how special our Tea Ceremonies were in Taos, where several of our neighbors would sit around a Japanese style table and sip exotic teas, chat and tell stories. At the time it seemed natural, but in retrospect they were very profound.

It makes me think all too often how special moments in time are truly orchestrated by Divine Order.
As Always, Su

The Light of God surrounds me

The Love of God enfolds me,

The Power of God protects me,

The Presence of God watches over me,

and wherever I Am, God Is.

Unity Prayer for Protection

Spiritual Awareness: a Car Metaphor

Simple Awareness is like this: you are sitting in your car and looking out the windows at the world, and the glass is covered with dirt and bird poo, but you say to yourself, “That’s how it is, the world looks like a mottled mess of dark matter. My body is this car and the dashboard is the brain with all the things I can do with it. We can drive around, listen to music, see the lights, feel the sensations of hot and cold on my skin. I can get stuff and carry it around. If I have someone with me, this is our world, what else do you need?”

What if you cleaned off the glass, on every side, and looked out? You would see a lot more. You would be aware of a wider range of landscapes and skies, of roads that lead to unknown places, other animals and people that you could get to know better, and how they are all connected. So much more is available. The tiny holes of light that appeared through the mud, would be open to perception and knowledge. You would be amazed at how much was out there, that you were missing.

Our bodies are just the vehicles for higher learning. In the Kabbalah the word is Merkabah, meaning a chariot, a carrier of movement through time and space. The Soul is the real carrier which transcends both. When we do the work of clearing out the debri that has accumulated over the years, our true selves become vehicles for ascending new heights of awareness.

When we die, the body goes but you can take awareness with you. It is a valuable commodity in the afterlife. The work you do here to make spiritual awareness a growing asset for the future will pay off, even if you can not see it right now.

Morro Rock, CA

I made it across the entire USA, from Morehead City NC to Morro Bay CA. It has been 4 years full of dynamics and memories, too many to list or repeat. After spending more than a month along the west coast, I headed east to find a winter haven.

Thanks to all the people and animals who have made my days a little better. Thanks to the weather which keeps Nature a live. Thanks to the Spirits who have guided and protected me and my rig. Thanks for reading and listening. – Su

The Little Book of Travel

The Little Book of Travel
Available for sale in its full length version at:
An Introduction to Freedom

This is a guide for anyone having a need to go away from their current situation to another. Your reasons for moving across land, sky and water may be different than mine, but the journey is just as important.
In 2008 I sold and gave away almost everything I had collected over the years to buy back my Freedom. 
Chapter 1:  Who – You are is much Bigger, and much Smaller than That.
Who you become will not be as dependent on what you did for a living, any roles you played in other peoples lives, where you grew up or got a degree.  You are also much smaller than everything else in the Universe.
Chapter 2:  What – Keep it Light & Simple
Travelers can be on a bicycle with a knapsack, or living in a luxury motor home worth a half a million dollars. Most of us fit in somewhere in between.  
 Travelers fit into a few groups. Most of them are very helpful.
Chapter 3: Where – There are Soft Places and  Hard Places. 
Stand anywhere and look around, at the expansive skies above, to the rocks on the ground beneath your feet.  There are literally thousands of places to visit. Landscapes, seascapes, lakes, forests, deserts, hills and canyons.  But you can’t see everything.
Chapter 4:  When –  Go North in the Summer, South in the Winter. 
 I listen to the environment. Temperatures and humidity can shift overnight. 
Sometimes it is the culture that holds an interest, or sends me away.  The deeper aspects of intuition tell me when to go.  Trust your instincts about danger.

Chapter 5:  Why – The Elements of Life.   
Get to know what makes up the World. Your senses will open up if you feel them. They can receive more knowledge than you think. 
A Blessing:
May the roads you drive on be smooth.
May you find whatever you need.
May you see beauty everywhere.
May you always know where to go, and when… 
-Su Maya 2010
Originally sketched out in the Apache National Forest.