Testimonials from Clients

These are unsolicited testimonials from past clients. All statements are by the actual people who came to me for help.

“We just spoke. Thank you so very much. I listened to number 5. Su, you are God sent, girl. Thank you. You’re well worth it. You are talented. You breathed new life into my body just by listening to number 5. This is what my body, my mind. my soul and spirit, was hungering for. Thank You. You Are Very Talented.” – Beverly. PA

“Hey, Sue your call was excellent last night. I’m so happy. It was really healing and very illuminating.” – Amy, Portland, OR

“Hey Su Maya. It’s Don, I listened to all your meditations and they are really great.” Don, OR

“Your genius wisdom has given me the gift of perspective. Truly amazing. You are a veritable plethora of information. Amazing and cool.” – Karen, CA

“We need positive energy from within. When our cup is empty that’s when we need a friend, to remind us of the power of God.” – Anita, MD

“Thank you. Such a beautiful gift! God bless. You do have the Gift.” – Lonnie, WA

“Hi Sue, i was in on the call last night and just wanted to say thank you that was a really great session.  All these women come together and you know get into prayer because really that’s what matters. We’re going to be touched with a tender heart not necessarily ideas but you know already. U R SO GIFTED W THE “LIGHT” THANKS.” -Amy, San Diego CA

“Thanks you for the astrology reading. Still telling people you are a great astrologer.” – Joyce, NC

“Su Maya’s spiritual philosophy is simple: God is in all things and reflected in each of us, although few truly realize this or mistakenly use it as justification to do anything they want. With God-realization comes responsibility as we each help the other on our return journey to Oneness.”– Andrew P. Editor, Energygrid Magazine

“The information was good, but I really want to comment on the Energy: it was very clear and I felt genuine shifts.” – Ray Johnston, International Energetic Healer

“I didn’t know what to expect, but the room was moving when I was with her.” – Jeremy M., Engineer

“You make such a difference in the calls and I can use help with the spiritual reinforcement training of our group.” Neal C., Jupiter FL

“She brought me to the Light of lights.” – Deb S., Poet and Nurse


I want to share ancient knowledge that has been passed down through the ages for our times. The wisdom of intellect and understanding is mirrored at the highest level of each religion. There is no space between the light and shadows of consciousness when you get to that place in your Mind.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to be of service and to grow spiritually in the process.” -Su Maya