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When  you have tried my meditations  or have listened to my talks, please consider making a donation to help cover the costs. My time, energy and training  are all  part of the  experience.  Thanks so much.


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Asking for an Appointment

Try this method of contact, if you need a private session for counseling, or a reading. Leave a message and I will call back to arrange an appointment. We can use regular phones or Skype for your consultation.

Call my voicemail at: (575) 425-0770

Mission Statement

“Clear Blue Light” from Energygrid Magazine

Su Maya is here at this time to help as many beings as possible before the imminent “time shifts”. As a result of her unusual vocation — one which Su prepared for by studying philosophy, psychology, world religions, sciences and the fine arts — she has shunned a “conventional” life and has spent the last 24 years in countless hours of meditation, Samadhi and energetic purification, and the last 11 years as a monk. This has allowed Su to further develop her deep sensitivity for the benefit of all beings, and to clear karmic attachments and emotional heaviness that interferes with inner clarity and soul-purification.

As a result of her meticulous soul preparation work, Su is able to assist and empower individuals who are interested in: *Astrology charts *Energy shifts *Transitions *New realities *Creativity *Christ and Angels *Animals, Nature and the Elements *Healing *Careers and Soul purpose *Spiritual guidance *Transmission meditation *Prophecy of global change. Deeper work can also be done such as the reception of higher-dimensional messages, contacting loved ones who have passed away, uncovering of past and future lives and completely changing personal paradigms.

Su Maya’s spiritual philosophy is simple: God is in all things and reflected in each of us, although few truly realize this or mistakenly use it as justification to do anything they want. With God-realization comes responsibility as we each help the other on our return journey to Oneness.

Su has also worked in the media with many renowned healers, ministers and community leaders such as: Sufi Master Sherif Baba; Lynn Andrews, author of the “Medicine Woman” series, “Star Woman” “Windhorse Woman””Love and Power” and others; Chris Griscom, author of “Ecstasy is a New Frequency” and others; Jack Graf, Minister of the Unity Church of Raleigh, NC; Susan Loughan, author of the “The Healing Runes”; Andrew Harvey, author of “Son of Man” “Journey to Ladakh” “The Return of the Mother” and more; Benjamin Creme, author of “Maitreya’s Mission”; and Buddy Piper, creator of the TV game show CONCENTRATION, who is now a modern Miracles reporter.

How to Call for a Session

If you have been wondering how to speak with me personally, about your life choices,  questions of health,  relations, connections with the departed, or other situations, you can contact me by phone.

Dreams, astrology, spiritual discernment, earth changes are good topics.

I can calculate and  interpret detailed astrology charts, including natal, transit, and solar returns for the coming year.

My rates have been the same.

Private sessions by appointment. Call 575 425 0770.

Counseling Backround Info.

Transformative Counseling Services
Su Maya holds BFA BS ChT PhD CCBT degrees, and has developed a unique style of healing that integrates cognitive therapy, spiritual clairvoyance, and natural remedies.She has traveled worldwide and has studied most of the major fine arts, sciences, religions, psychological and metaphysical systems.Su is also an accomplished artist, having paintings in shows and private collections all across the country. The Gifted & Talented continue to return for sessions such as creative artists, musicians, and other performers.Other psychologists and healing professionals come to her as a ‘therapists’ therapist’.One of her favorite areas to work is with the healing of animals and wildlife. Su has a very deep connection with them and can coach you over the phone on how to treat a suffering creature.

The reason most people go to any kind of counseling is resolve fears, depression, grief, loss, job stress, relationship or health problems.

Many more questions about paranormal phenomena, contact with the other side and higher dimensions are open to discussion.

Over the past 22 years, Su has treated over 4000 individuals in short term and long term therapy, presented 800+ workshops and media productions.

Telephone sessions are held from your home or office.

Write to about your needs.

Once you have shared your info, you will be given the phone number to call for scheduling a private appointment. Thank you.

*24 hours notice for changes or cancellation is requested. Credit cards also accepted.