Protective or Wrathful Deities

There has been discussion going around about what to do in the face of hardship imposed upon others by cruel and heartless men. Some propose the deployment of arms, protests, or even black magic.

In passing, I heard about the Wrathful Deities of Buddhism, which due to karmic ramifications, are cautiously employed to stop evil and protect the Dharma in the world. I questioned whether I could justify using harmful means to balance the scale of justice. So I did a little research.

Here is the best page of info I found so far on the subject. This text explains a lot in simple terms..

As I become more aware and skilled in the use of Energy for healing, I am also aware of responsibility for its use in any other fashion. Therefore the discussion and questions continue on a case by case basis as I become more accustomed to moving through these realms.

Speaking of Tibetan Buddhism, here is some great music with healing prayers with Nawang Khechog the Tibetan Flutist, and Carlos Nakai.


Love in Every Direction, Su

Inherent Value of Your True Self

Inherent Value by Su Maya

The other day I was asking a friend if they knew how truly valuable they were. They said , “No, not really.” I mean if you knew how great your true self was you would really cherish it. It is worth more than millions of dollars.

What is the true self, and where do you find it?

The true self is deep inside of you. It is the stuff the mystic masters talked about in their dissertations to followers. It is hard to measure by worldly standards. You cannot place a yard stick against it and see how long it is, because it extends into Infinity.

You cannot put it in a container like a jug made of clay, or a barrel, or a lake. Your real self is not containable. Only while you reside in a physical body do you say, “This is me, I am here.” It is only attached to matter, not really controlled by it. When your body dies, your real self can expand again. This goes for humans as well as animals.

Likewise, if you place value on the things you have collected, the money in the bank, the cars, trucks, property and houses that hold them, you might miss the point. These items do have value, but when you leave this body, you will leave it all behind. The next generation will use them, or they will end up in a thrift store, but they will not be viewed the way you see them.

In some sense, it is a matter of perspective. For instance, an antique passed down from your Grandmother may have sentimental value, plus it may have collectible or auction value which fluxuate with the market. It will not be seen the same way as each observer will take in what they will through their filters of experience. One person will pass it by thinking “oh, another dusty set of table and chairs”. Another will bid for it beyond market value because it matches the decor in their dining room. No two people will see it the same.

Our filters are a blueprint of our values. As we were growing up, experiences were imprinted on the psyche and we developed a blueprint for life. It is very hard to change these, except by conscious application of new ideas and practice. It is much easier to modify them by small increments, adding or subtracting bits and pieces.

Sometimes more powerful events shape our lives and therefore the values we hold dear, like when a tornado or flood destroys homes and businesses. In the aftermath you hear survivors saying “At least we still have each other.”

This brings me to the next level, which relates to religious or spiritual values. If you were brought up with a backround that stresses the good in an ethical life, and the rewards in the afterlife, you may have a multi-dimensional viewpoint. It would guide you to avoid temptations that would cut your intrinsic value, for example, mercenary killing, cheating or stealing for money, drugs, arms or slave trades. These lines of business would cause you to have deep emotional and psychological conflicts, sensing that you were in deed selling your soul.

You are more valuable than that. Your true self is greater than can be measured. No job in this world is worth giving that up. A poor person may be more valuable because they forfieted some terrible compromise. Someone who has a lot of guilt or shame over past actions can redeem themselves and make amends. They may take on a burden uncharacteristic to their previous lifestyle. It may not be visible now; not to your employer, not to your family, or anyone who resists the choice to stay loyal to God and His decrees.

Keep the faith, and remember these choices are only temporary. If you get confused by eloquent arguments, go back and read the 10 Commandments, the simplest outline for doing what is right.

What will last forever is your Soul, your inheritance and connection to the Almighty who knows all, inside and out.

Wind & Waves: Shaping the World for our Future

Geophysical and astrological insights by Su Maya

Several times in Earth’s history, over millions of years, there have been changes in the shapes and movements of the oceans. Evidence shows where the coastlines used to be, where sea plants and marine life left their skeletons. The Grand Canyon and a large part of the southwestern United States are strong examples of places that held oceanic life and is desert now with a river running through it. When you walk on the desert floor, you can still find fossils and shells. More of Africa was once covered with lush tropical forest and many more animals. It is still possible for large bodies of water to change shape around our land masses.

Naturally, we are moved by much larger forces in our Solar System because as the energy shifts it effects global environments. We are influenced by energies as part of this intricate design. It begins with the relationship between the elements at the atomic and cellular levels, then works its way out into perceivable realities. The elements have always been in motion so it is really nothing new in the grand scheme of the Universe.

This is not a prediction of a sudden collapse of the world, just about weather’s movement on our local plane of existence. Even with all the high tech devices that are available to us, it’s not possible to predict all the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or weather patterns, especially if the patterns we have gotten used to shift over time. It will most likely be a gradual carving and sculpting of our current perimeters and lifestyles. There are a ways to evolve with the climate, so I am including suggestions to guide us through possible shifts in the coming years.

Space Weather

A great source of electro-magnetic energy is the Sun, which is reaching its 11 year solar maximum. The last one was around 2001. During excited periods, powerful waves of energy called Solar Winds, can disrupt mass communications and shift mind/ body connections with startling effects. It’s heat can increase pressure on already desperate landscapes. As it burns off moisture, it is also burning off protective layers in our atmosphere exposing everyone to higher levels of radiation. If you have ever lived in southern Arizona, Africa or the Middle East in the summer you would have a sense of this burning environment.

There is geological evidence of major polar shifts around the planet. That means North and South poles can reverse. It is still not known how this happens or what it takes on the surface to adjust. One theory is that strong magnetic forces from the Sun could realign our magnetic fields down to the iron core. It is not expected to happen soon though.

Astrology and Climate Change

Wind driven hurricanes and tornadoes can develop within forecast models, or totally break them. This year the tornadoes started early, hurricanes too, and the windy season is still ongoing.This spring and summer there will be several planets in air signs. At the time of the full moon on June 4, the Sun will conjunct Venus and later on Mercury in Gemini. Saturn continues in its trek through Libra, and Jupiter will enter Gemini, speeding up thought, air travel, and wireless communications. An opportunity for wind generators of power and other related projects could arise.

With the flowing planet Neptune continuing to transit the watery sign of Pisces for the next 10 or more years, we will see more changes related to water. We have already seen this during the last 2 years.

Water, which takes many forms, including rain, rivers, lakes, groundwater, ocean currents, clouds, snow, glaciers, ice caps, and every combination will be changing in quality and form. Strong earthquakes can trigger tsunamis. Strong hurricanes can flood inland empires destroying miles of farming, livestock, towns and businesses in a matter of days. These scars take many generations to rebuild and the coastlines are revised.

We are so dependent on water for life, but we usually forget how easy it has become to turn on a faucet to get everything done. Good sources of drinking water may suddenly become toxic and threaten lives in or near it. New pipelines and purification treatments may be necessary, at least until the reservoirs can clear up over time. If there are conflicts between municipal supplies, try to look for ways to shore up resources peacefully, or move to a safer location.

Oceans are too powerful to stop, too slow to recover making some historical communities uninhabitable, especially if the ecosystem is damaged, poisoning the fish and their food sources. Examples of these kind of changes can be seen in Japan, New Orleans, and several fragile islands worldwide.

In contrast, we are also seeing more fires, more intense heat waves, more heat related illnesses. This week New Mexico is having one of its worst wildfires ever. Drought stricken areas like countries across Africa are especially vulnerable this summer.

Uranus the planet of discovery is in Aries, a fire sign that rules the head. This combination can bring surprising turns in the wind patterns and spark drying plains with lightening and other electricial fires. Old growth forests which have enjoyed many years of rain, can fuel extremely dangerous fires.

On the lighter side, Uranus in Aries will also inspire new ways to deal with these problems. Early warning systems have been put in place and weather radios are being distributed more freely than before. This transit is just in its early stages and will last several more years, so we will have time to brainstorm more ideas.

Pluto in Capricorn will also influence the tides of change. Pluto is the great destroyer and rebuilder of conscious realites. Since it is plowing through the earth sign of Capricorn, there have been more transformations related to values, commodities and finances. We have already seen real estate markets, corporations and banks go under, and beg for government funds. This is another slow transit lasting more than 10 years, and there will be more trials.

It may move the soil by means of giant companies with earth-moving equiipment through mining operations and drilling for oil. It may also trigger more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions like we are seeing in Italy, which at this writing has had its third major quake and 800 aftershocks.

Some groups of people who have chased glitz and glamour may face unusual reversals of fortune. Paradoxically, some who have lived a modest life will find unexpected grace that didn’t exist before. This can happen for individuals when the outer planets make strongly aspecting transits in their charts, especially during oppositions and squares. You may already be thinking of a few examples of such people from the public sectors. New heroes and villains can emerge, with ironic turns of events.

Values deemed important in ancient times will rise up from the ashes like a phoenix, based on the philosophies and ways of the Native tribes and indigenous peoples. Their legends and prophecies can be seen as guidelines for sustainable living.


It may seem out of context to read these things while you are in your current routines, but what if you are not prepared? Here are a few other suggestions for adapting for survival, if it becomes necessary.

First, find ways to filter your air and water, to supply heat in winter, and shade in summer, in case the electric grid goes down for long periods of time. Roads can be blocked that will prevent oil, gas and most other supplies from being transported, so have a stock of food for your family and animals that does not require cold storage or cooking. Make sure your First Aid kit is fresh. Keep a bit of cash on hand so you are not dependent on the web, or banks for assets.

Along the way you may search for help from government, insurance companies or other authorities and although you may find some information you may be disappointed, misled or delayed. It’s better for you to sharpen on your instincts and trade skills with those you trust locally, in case of emergency. Some of the best stories of brotherhood and heroism come out of neighbors helping one another.

It is a good idea to watch your animals and native wildlife for signs of changes in their behavior. Their senses are much sharper than humans and will alert us if we are listening. Just like a cat who hides from noises, birds who collectively silence themselves before a storm, or elephants who feel earthquakes miles away.

If people are caught unaware, there can be severe hardship, but more relief to follow as it does with every cycle. However, the simpler your lifestyle, the more your senses can be open to knowing what to do and acting on time. You are free to move on when you have fewer burdens to deal with.

Now is a good time to sort out what is really important. Don’t take life for granted. Make peace with your loved ones, and give away what you don’t need. Life in its purest sense is all we really have anyway.

Remember the tranquility of being grounded and unified with Nature? She will speak to you if you are able to hear Her Voice. You may have to carve away many of the peripheral activities of society in order to be free enough, clear enough to intuit the inner truths. Meditation and simplicity are key here.

In the end, where ever you are in consciousness is where you continue. This may involve a whole new life or a fresh point of view in which to continue the Journey.

(C) May 2012, Su Maya

What’s Up with 2012?

 So it’s the famed and controversial year 2012.  Are you afraid the world will come to an end? Or are you ignoring the whole thing?

I spent the evening quietly watching movies, listening to music and writing letters to friends. Mostly I am in a wait and see mode.

As an astrologer, you would think I would be all over the doomsday prophecies , or refuting various opinions about what the Mayans meant in their cryptic calendars.  Maybe it’s just the opposite, seeing it only as a another tick on the clocks and calendars of time. 

Time is relative anyway, depending on where you stand on the planet. Traveling will do that to you. It was midnight several hours earlier over there, several hours later over there…. and so on. We have created clocks that measure the pace at which we live, based on the rotation of one planet Earth. And remember Earth is just a small blue-green marble in a huge galaxy among billions of galaxies in the Universe. We have our subjective existence to consider.

Time is an agreement we make so that people show up for meetings or get work done. Animals, fish and birds don’t wear watches or carry cell phones to order their lives and yet after millions of years they still get through natural phases and seasons.

Studying the charts of Western Astrology, I notice a few important aspects for the early part of this year. Jupiter opposes Saturn which is a struggle for control over expansion, but Jupiter also trines Pluto. In an effort to gain power in the corporate sectors, big business and politics will likely see major improvements but not without  making long cases for their sides. Uranus begins its 7 year journey through Aries, a sign of new beginnings. There will be headstrong and spontaneous bursts of energy for new projects, but take care now that one doesn’t blow a fuse.  Fire prone areas in drought conditions will  probably be a concern again.  In places where water and gas leaks are a problem, the trine between Saturn and Neptune will assist in repairs. This aspect is also good for bringing  dreams into reality.  

According to Chinese Astrology, 12 animals rule the cycles of time.  This will be the year of the Dragon again. In simple terms, the dragon signifies transformation and change of luck, because it a mythic being of power. That would be nice for the many who are suffering at this time.

It is also a year of Solar Maximum, in its 11 year cycle of activity, which can affect the planets around it. We have been hit with some strong Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and faced their effects in the recent months.
They influence satellites, radio transmissions, the bio-magnetic resonance of the mind, emotions, health, decision-making, and therefore stock markets and economies. There are theories about elevated levels of electromagnetism in our environment and potential results, but I will save that for another day.

Most likely this year it will  be a continuation of  goals to accomplish and lessons we  have to fulfill. As the solar system turns again, we will look back at our celebrations and expectations as part of the great matrix of energies that took us through the experience of Life.  Ω

Beyond Good and Evil, an audio message

A message came to me as an answer to prayers about bad people who inflict  destruction and pain on others. I was told/shown:
‘evil will turn in on itself”    
or evil will spin into itself if it has no one to respond to it.
Eventually, all beings will have to reckon with the light or darkness they bring back to the Afterlife.

We have only to remain loyal to God.
Hope this is some comfort. -Su  

Listen to a podcast discussion I had with Bill Grady: 

What is Your Purpose? [soft version]

What is your current purpose and what will it be in the coming years?

Society people talk about setting goals, business models and having a purpose in life. Humans may not be the only ones who to see themselves fulfilling and satisfying a soul purpose.

If we have a purpose, then every living thing does too. Perhaps it is just as valid to say for instance, a spider has the purpose of spinning a successful trap, a durable web, or it’s supposed to be one of the creatures to eat other bugs and keep the populations in balance, Even though it would do that anyway, with or without our knowledge.

The purpose could be in using all its talents and intelligence to make one of the most beautiful examples of creativity, to show any other viewer or perceiver of realities what mystifying possibilities can lie even in seemingly insignificant lives.

A spider is only one of the millions of living miracles of God’s world.
In my view, all things in the Universe, all chemistry, physics, biology and the minds that live in them, are tethered to multi-dimensional connections, each connection having several purposes depending on the energies they bring forth and their functions.

There is a web of creativity not unlike the spider’s that binds all our thoughts and intentions to the causes and effects of energies they set in motion. All pasts and futures resonating to the harmonics that you arrange, that you sing out.

This is what is meant in Hinduism and Buddhism as karma and it is forever lingering in conscioiusness. Whether you remember them or not. You will have to forgive and undo any mistakes. Be careful of what you plan for and how you make it happen, it is delicate operation. You touch every creature great and small, every ancestor for 5000 millennia and the children of of your great-grand-children.

We must look a little closer, a little deeper than our own programmed habits. Large companies and governments would not kill so many innocent lives with chemicals, clear cutting forests for shopping mall and developments. As a species we could have a greater appreciation for the broad view of reality and become the caretakers of it.

Then again, if you are reading this piece, you are probably already called according to this intention, so I thank you for sharing in it. How can we stop the greed, the viral conduct of societies? I don’t know yet, but maybe you can share this with others to get a fresh perspective going. Get a brainstorm going.

Remember that Spirit is our true parent and all Her inhabitants are equally loved. All of them.


Can we change the course …


"Can We Change the Course of History?"

We begin the 21st century with all the knowledge, products and technology to help us change our realities, to make this a better world, to transcend our usual dilemmas. Then why are there still so many innocent creatures suffering, so many wars and acts of terrorism, so much greed and poverty?

With every act of violence, fears of an apocalyptic event horizon become more exaggerated, despite the fact that for last twenty years we have heard so much about positive thinking, creating your own reality, and manifestation. Authors and business leaders spoke as if these are certain and accountable tools for making a good life. Maybe we were just in another phase of psychology. Couldn’t we change the course of history this time?

This is not a new question, though. Philosophers and great thinkers throughout the centuries have also discussed whether destiny or decision are the definitive cause of personal and collective reality. Yet, the old quest of fate versus free will still looms. Especially now.

From my perspective there is no linear or a black and white answer, but one of a star shaped pattern. Therefore, I will attempt to draw a series of parallels from various points of view.

It seems we are given many opportunities, and with careful thought and foresight we can choose a range of goals, but rarely can we predict the exact result. This has been proven over and over by weather forecast models, new math, and quantum field laboratories.

In weather, we see the elements mixing and reacting to create new forms. Floods, wide spread fires and tornadoes can rip apart the web of life. Sometimes this means total destruction of a landscape before any grass or flowers begin to grow again. It can take years for wildlife to return to what was lost to its native homeland. And as our oceans are warming, our air and water become more polluted, many species will face other unexpected losses.

Groups of land and sea animals have to revise their migratory patterns to adjust, which in turn affects all the interdependent modules of life. The whole system is changed by each act of Nature or act of man on Nature.

Now we are learning more about Space weather, meaning the influences of cosmic rays on our atmosphere. The closest, measurable impact comes from our Sun, which has active cycles of 11 years, sending massive coronal ejections our way. These impact our magnetic field as geomagnetic storms, x-ray flux and radio/satellite blackouts.

New studies show these storms affect not only the ionosphere but the mental and emotional stability of humans. Research shows correlations with stock market fluxuations, hospitalizations, and acts of aggression.

In physics, light changes between wave and particle, energy particles disappear or become anti-matter, and sometimes when two particles are sent into a chamber to collide, three or more will emerge out of nowhere. Our best scientists surmise that the Universe is not made up of pieces but of probabilities, and probable dimensions which are interconnected.

Astrology serves as another example of energies in motion. It lays out a matrix of probable patterns with mathematical timing, like a giant multi-level clock around our tiny solar system, ticking away the years to be unfolded.

In the book of Genesis 1: 14-19 it is stated, "Elohim said, Let there be luminaries in the firmament of the Heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs and for seasons, for days and for years. And to be radiating in the firmament of Heaven to give light upon the earth. And it was so."

Profound value and insight can be found in comparing events which are mirrored in the transits of slower moving planets like Pluto. Pluto is a very distant planet in our solar system which takes several human lifetimes to revolve once around the whole 12 house system.

In fact it takes an average of 16 earth years for this planet to traverse one sign in the traditional zodiac. This means past lives and future lives can be marked on a grid.

Now, if we continue to look at just one planet and one sign, Pluto happens to be in Sagittarius at 22* representing a powerful transformation of philosophy and global outlook. It is true in a sense that because of our expanded communications and transportation, also assisted by transits of Neptune and Uranus through the last several decades, we as individuals and as societies are shifting our world view.

We are not done with this transformation yet, and it will bring more perceptual and possibly drastic changes when Pluto hits the 26* mark in the next few years.
26* Sagittarius is the point of alignment with our Galactic Center, of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ancient cultures who were expert astronomers and mathematicians, such as the Mayans, Hindus and Persians, knew this and painted several pictures as to how this will affect us as quantum fields of change.

Probabilities were envisioned by our ancestors through a similar clarity of consciousness which enabled them to see without personal interference These stories were usually passed down as long lasting truths. Certain predictions that were delivered by these gifted prophets over the ages actually have come true. And they said there will be more developments to steer us further by multi-dimensional catalysts. It is part of the evolution of the planet over millions of years.

* * *

I spend a lot of time in higher meditative states where I am shown the beauty being drawn out of the apparent chaos of space and time, and am grateful for the opportunity.

Imagine beautiful geometric patterns as a blueprint of light that connects the places and times of events plus the realizations which emerge from them. From this perspective they look like the cuts of a diamond or precious jewel, every point and line between reflecting and refracting the lights of celestial highways.

Visions of celestial blueprints are gifts I see as guideposts of the causal planes. which balance other gifts of deep sensing in the present moment, like a compass magnetized toward the poles for direction.

Even with such knowledge it is not possible to accurately predict all the news that will actualize, but always possible to see the imprints we have left behind on the fabric of time.

So while you cannot will the future into a specific outcome you are already making subtle shifts in the flow of its streams.

Therefore our every step, every word to others is precious and important, because they determine the direction of energy following waves, which influence currents radiating outward to all directions. Each movement is the sub-frequency or the harmonic of larger forces gathering momentum.

It is not our own world, but by the Grace of God that we are blessed with a life full of mysteries, in a delicate balance of elements, and supernatural rhythms to experience so many wondrous, awesome things, giving us a vehicle to refine our souls and bring them Home again.

(C) Su Maya 2005